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CTA Tools 3850 Fuel Injection Kit CIS

Safety & Personal Protection. CTA Tools 3850 Fuel Injection Kit – CIS. Detect bad fuel pumps, bad pressure regulators, leaking injectors and clogged fuel filters. Includes 3-1/2 (90mm) gauge with dual calibration (5-145 PSI / 25-1,000 kPa), hose assembly, and brass adapters. Also includes CIS Fuel Injection system Bosch K-Jetronic C. 12mm x 1.5 Swivel M/F Adapter. 14mm x 1.5

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Fuel Injection Throttle Body Motor Kit for FORD Lincoln MERCURY

Review the notes column for important details pertaining to your vehicle’s particular model and engine size. At long last, replace the throttle body motor without replacing the entire throttle assembly. Conceived of and produced by Dorman, this part significantly cuts repair expenses. Includes gaskets for a complete repair. Combats corrosion and burnout for long-lasting performance. This part has undergone a

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