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Auto Fuel Injection Cleaner Non-Dismantle Kit Injector Cleaning System + Adapter

AC-WMT-1454 GX200 Non-Dismantle Injector Cleaner & Tester Fuel System For Petrol Car When the car starts to be unstable and idle and difficult to start, at the same time fuel consumption increases. This may be due to the carbon deposition, residual deposit happening in the fuel system, which affects the normal work. Fuel from disassembly cleaning equipment, the use of

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Holley Sniper EFI 550-511K BLACK Ceramic Self Tuning Fuel Injection Master Kit

Holley Sniper EFI 550-511K BLACK Ceramic Self Tuning Fuel Injection Master Kit. Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit – Black Ceramic Finish. Part # 550-511K – Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit + Handheld EFI monitor + fuel pump. If you are unsure of fitment to your manifold, application, etc please message us with any questions. Flange Style Dual Bolt

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Holley Sniper EFI 550-511 Self Tuning Fuel Injection Kit Black Ceramic Finish

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI SELF-TUNING KIT – BLACK CERAMIC FINISH. Perfect for street rods, muscle cars, off-road trucks or nearly any carbureted vehicle. Put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding. Upgrade to Sniper EFI and get the tactical accuracy of EFI today! Dual Pattern bolt on carburetor replacement, designed to fit 4150 Flange & Spread Bore

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Designed for use in professional service shops to provide quick, convenient and reliable fuel injector and air induction cleaning. The Mityvac Fuel Injection Cleaner utilizes compressed air to make it highly effective at removing and preventing deposits on fuel injectors. It also effectively loosens and dissolves carbon build-up in the air induction system, including the throttle plate and intake manifolds

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Edelbrock 35930 Pro-Flo 4 Fuel Injection Kit

Pro-Flo 4 Fuel Injection Kit. Pro-Flo 4 Fuel Injection Kit; 550 HP Max; 29 lb/hr. 4150 Throttle Body/Wiring/Distributor/7 in. WARNING CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead; which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Complete Engineered System For The Ultimate In Performance. Self Learning

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