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Intake Manifold &Fuel Injection Rail Kit For VW Golf Audi A5 A6 CJEB CJEE CNCD

Single injection (only in-cylinder direct injection) models upgrade dual injection system, you need to replace the intake manifold and other corresponding parts! Please send us VIN//Chassis number to check if the item fits your car model before purchasing. 06K133681A, 06L906031A, 06K127813,06H906051G, N10582102,06K133986BH, 06L971627A, 06L133201AH. 06K133681C, 06K133681E, 06L906031B, 06K127813B, 06K127813G, 06H906051D, 06H906051E, 06H906051F, 06H906051J. 06L133201CQ, 06L133201FF, 06L133201N, 06L133201EL, 06L133201FJ, 06L133201T, 06L133201EM,

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