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Intake Manifold Fuel Injection Rail Kit Fit For VW Golf Tiguan AUDI A3 A6 Q5

Please send us VIN // chassis number to check if our item fit your car before purchasing. 2.0T(gasline)CULC. 1.8T/2.0T(gasline). 1.8T(gasline)CJEB. 2.0T(gasline)CNCD. 1.8T(gasline)CJEB/CJEE. 2.0T(gasline)CNCD/CNCE. 2.0T(gasline)CULB/CULC. 2.0T(gasline)CNCB/CNCD/CNCE. 06K133681A, 06L906031A, 06K127813,06H906051G, N10582102,06K133986BH, 06L971627A. 06K133681C, 06K133681E, 06L906031B, 06K127813B, 06K127813G, 06H906051D, 06H906051E. 06A906145,06A906149B, 06L906037, WHT005568, N90986501,06K133047. 81484,0280158266,75114266,82386,84388,0261230392, V10721416. VIN, we will help you check. Need to confirm situations. The part can not work or doesn’t

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